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The Pomona Chronicles

So here it is the start of a new chapter in life and the return to an avenue of expression that helped me grow. Since that growth I've felt stagnant with nothing new to offer the world. Perhaps I stopped being so blunt about my ambitions in life and about my opinions of the world. I seem to have an opinion on everything but instead of expressing myself I let them fester inside to the point where I feel I'm resentful about everything. I'm not going to try and play catch up about the time in between my last update, it’s been a while and there's so much to say about "the missing years”  to sum it up, they were fucked up. So what now... I’m tired of hearing rock is dead, hip hop is dead, metal is dead, punk’s been dead, soul is dead, great movies being made are dead, the sitcom is dead, the market is dead, general motors is dead, the art of comedy is dead, the great novel is dead, the newspaper industry is dead, romance is dead, chivalry is dead, honesty is dead, the blues are dead, radio is dead, the music industry is dead, the good ol’ days are dead…So where’s the fucking life, I feel like there’s a life I have to live and society has subliminally implanted the idea in my head that nothing is worth a damn, there’s something out there that is worth it and I’m going to find it, going to find it in the things and people in front of my face and anyone who wants to share that with me…

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