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Holding God Hostage

I’m holding God hostage w/ a finger pointed to his chest asking if a heart is even present, I’m holding God hostage because if he was a CEO he’d no longer be running things, I’m holding him accountable for negligence, I’m placing him liable for Auschwitz and Darfur among other ungodly things like the crusades, I proclaim him responsible for tyrant kings, sacrilegious popes, and corrupt brutal emperors and presidents, putting the blame on him for starvation and all of human suffering, I’ll be asking him why not an answer for aids or many forms of cancer, why no response while people plead for him when they are in harms way. Why so many crowded hospitals and expensive medical bills most can’t afford to pay, I’ll question him about giving greed to our being along with other cardinal sins. I’m confronting God with a fist raised for a change shouting rhetoric and other words profane and blasphemous, but mostly with fear in my soul not knowing if he’s merciful, God where are your miracles, is Jesus really Lord? We’re going to need more than 153 fish and a couple extra loafs of bread to feed the poor. Man I’m going to beat God down with bitterness and pain, question if he’s serious or possibly insane? Torture him with misery not mine personally just the stuff he seems to oversee without caring, maybe he’s just as afraid as me the world’s gone fucking crazy, it’s time to inquire about the hypocrisy in his good book in comparison to how life is, I’m holding God hostage looking at him in the mirror because he made me in his image, with a mouth full of questions and a light dimming I’m screaming yearning for a change, the absolution of pain, God reclaiming his name and addressing those who intentionally assassinate his essence and abuse his discourse to justify the brutality of war and pestilent force, I mean should he remain blameless for the loss of innocence, the death of infants, beaten and battered women I get he sent down a son who died for our sins but is that much of a sacrifice in comparison to what some live through everyday I’m talking rape, penetration cutting deeper than a spear pierced through the ribs, Father Jerry you're free to dream of alter boys while you masturbate and eventually act on it, child molester there’s plenty of children at play go ahead and take advantage God will probably turn a blind eye to it, he’s probably busy or desensitized to it. God’s bleeding now I think his wrist have been slit after being forced to watch it and I’m denying him medical attention, I didn’t cut though I just gave him the weapon, was that sadistic? He must have been tired of the pain and wanted to escape could that be the reason why he’s not listening. Oh if you’re wondering why he doesn’t heal himself his divine powers have been stripped in replace I gave him the gift of feeling almost lifeless I figured this whole time it has been difficult to be empathetic if he’s only felt omnipotent, no need to panic people The Almighty has fully recovered and just got his thrown back, you’re free to holler out all 99 of his names again proceeding an atrocity or after it, resort to fractioning into Catholic and Protestant, Gentiles and Jews, lets all forget about love, forgiveness and compassion, let’s all act out in with no conscious, reason or rationale, let’s all find a distraction to avoid the fact that we’re dwelling in hell ignoring the sensibility that God might have put us on this earth to change what we see, I’m holding God hostage in the depths of my soul knowing that with faith in him all things are possible, time to make a difference for the lord… wait maybe tomorrow football’s on

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