rid_da_disease (rid_da_disease) wrote,

Aura No. 3 By Taalam Acey

Aura No. 3
copyright 2005. Taalam Acey
You should know
that they couldn't create a mirror
that could begin to
show you half the things
that I see in you.
more important than your face
and your shape,
I'm in love with the woman
you're becoming.
And, I can foresee a day
where your hair
is mostly gray.
And, your smile shows
intense living
and no one can
look in your eyes
without seeing decades
of wisdom.
And, I'm not concerned
with the woman of the year
cause I'm in love with
the bride of a lifetime.
I don't want to watch your figure.
I'd rather watch you use
your left and right mind.
I'm love with your laugh
more than the tightness of your abs.
Though a mirror can
show you your present
I'm obsessed with our future
and our past.
And, my love lasts
cause it has the benefit
of knowing
that to truly be intimate
I don't focus
on the qualities you have now.
I focus on the qualities you have
that are infinite.
That should be the sentiment
that takes us all around the world
to ocean liners and beaches
and hotels in far reaches
where we'll use stolen glances
to communicate our secrets.
I want our love to be the one
that teaches
couples how to share their lives
and men not to compare their wives
with what seems greener
on the other side.
I'll confide in you nightly
then provide for you daily.
Then, in between,
do the best I can
to treat my fellow man fairly.
But, it's most important
that I be that eternal flame
that brings you heat
whenever you're cold.
You'll always see yourself
clearer in me
than any mirror
cause I'm a purer
of your soul.
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