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flirted with insanity/Dad is fucking crazy

Think I flirted with insanity

Bared feet in the middle of the street

Reality confirmed, mind ain’t playing tricks on me

Glass Shattered, blood splattered

A Geto boys tale punching on the concrete

Proof that he never really did care

My Father cheated on my mother

This is the manifestation of betrayal, hate, despair

With the pounding of three keys

I’m about to be arrested, warrant outstanding

“Put your God Damn hands where I can see”

Pop’s loved them little girls on their knees

Assed out handcuffed on the floor

Think I flirted w/ insanity, I heard she was a whore

Insanity fucks many men, the bitch is known

And she has many friends, a whole gang of them

Gun toting idiots who claim a street

Confrontational type who’d never see you in a ring

But who would bust to make it deadly

Dad lusted for the hooker daily

Until this day he denies he ever sinned

Still he offers no explanation for the predicament

Feels no need or reason to apologize

Acts as if everyone else have lost their mind

But he can’t even look me in the eye

Fuck you pops you’ve been fucking crazy

Ever since I was nine & possibly my whole life

Disappoint my mom again best believe I'm doing time


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