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Deceiving me again

Is that the world deceiving me again?
Could never really get much work done w/ a heavy conscious
What’s it saying this time? “Go out and get mine”
Life is traveled one step at a time, that’s a lie
You’d be out of breath if that’s the case or find yourself intimidated
Is that the world deceiving me again?
The task at hand is achievable by any man
Especially if it’s his fingers which constructed the plan
It’s in our estimate that we decide if set path is worth a go at
Determine what you want your life’s equity to be
Sum up liabilities in accordance to your assets & you’ll asses what road is best
The destination is always at a distance
But the sailing on course could be the beauty of it
So enjoy, make the best of every moment and invest in what’s important
Every grain of sand in an hour glass will be blowing in the wind if it’s broken
Is that the world deceiving me again?
Pretty easy to shootout advice on what should be
But in reality it’s not quite as easy
There are obstacles to overcome there’s a race to run
Power to be won, titles & merits attributed to your credit
It’s in your best interest to pay what’s due just don’t let time work against you
Is that the world deceiving me again?
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