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Letter written to life

I think that you are unjust sometimes,
Most of the time to be exact
I despise the timing that you have
I live in fear of the bad news you will deliver someday
Have a way of multiplying my anxiety as the leaves change
Life you keep me drowning in expression absent
And constantly searching for a truth
One irretrievable that intentionally evades me
I’m scared, downtrodden and disheartened, beaten
By the hands of time which you manipulate
Life you’re cold,
More frigid than a Siberian winter
Disheveled & mangled w/ abrasions to your surface
In a metaphorical sense, you are hurts hurting
Beating frantic at a variable pace
The damage done to a soul bound to never mend
Darker than Satan’s presence, evil spirits
The personification of sin, secrets hidden
Materializing the stench of rotten souls
And hell fire’s smoke in the wind
Tend to become war and conflict
What we fight to maintain
You are the beauty, discovery, and forgiveness
Which believing begets
Equally as beautiful as newborns, untainted innocence
Reassuring like a fathers promise whispered silent
Merely a stop on the road to
Eternal love everlasting never fated to end
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